Better & Faster Than a Repipe

Patented Lead & Leak Free Technology

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    slab leaks

    Costly frequent Leaks

    The chemicals used to clean tap water eats away at plumbing pipes causing frequent leaks. These leaks can be prevented and eliminated with the ePIPE protective barrier.

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    lead pipes

    Toxic Lead

    When plumbing pipes are eaten away by chemicals used to clean tap water they can release toxic chemicals into drinking water like lead and copper. Learn more...

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    The ePIPE Solution

    ACE DuraFlo stands as a viable alternative to a complete repiping. The ACE DuraFlo ePIPE system is affordable and effective pipe restoration at its best.

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    Piecemeal Pipe Repair

    Traditional methods of leak repair are destructive, can cost homeowners thousands of dollars, and do not provide any permanent relief.

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    International Certifications

    ACE DuraFlo is an international pipe restoration and repair comany,  carrying local, national and international certifications as well as the National Sanitation Foundation’s (NSF) 61 approval for drinking water.

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    Clean & Effective

    The ePIPE system is UPC listed and IPC compliant, providing an effective, clean, safe and, most of all, healthy solution for pipe relining for leaky and corroded pipes.

LeadSmart Technology


Pinhole Leaks, Low Water Flow, Discolored Water, Lead and Copper Contamination

with the modern solution for prevention of leaking and failing piping systems


    It's proven safe, economical, and minimally invasive. Watch our demo video to learn more.


    The clean water that you and your family deserve is only a phone call away. Call: 800-359-6369.

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