Earn money for getting ePIPE® whole house restorations.


Our pipe repair and pipe restoration services help restore pipes “in-place” without having to rip up floors, walls or ceilings. If you are not equipped to perform a copper repipe or your customer just can’t stand the idea of tearing up their home, then you can recommend our patented process of pipe restoration. Since pipe restoration is our only business, you keep your customer for all other future plumbing needs. Plus, you profit for simply letting us know your customers' needs. You can recommend us with confidence. Your customer will get a quick response, our expert service and 100% guaranteed work.

Instructions and guidelines are outlined below. If you have any questions, please feel free to call (888) 775-0220 x217 or visit our website at www.aceduraflo.com.


Call (888)775-0220 x217 and join the Preferred Service provider Program. We will need your basic contact information.


a. Call (888)775-0220 x217 and provide the name and phone number of the customer who qualifies for ePIPE Restoration. We will contact them to set up an estimate. Be sure to let your customer know that we will be contacting them.

b. Or instruct your customer to call us and mention you gave them our information. As long as you are a registered participant of our program, you will get credit.

c. ePIPE will keep you informed of site visits, contract signing and scheduled restoration date(s) via email.

*We must receive both yours and your customer’s information BEFORE we have a signed contract. Customer information submitted after we have a signed contract will not be eligible for payment under the Preferred Service Provider Program. No exceptions. When in doubt, call and confirm.


Effective July 15, 2013, contractors with a valid W-9 on file will receive payment for qualified customers who receive a complete ePIPE®.  Call 800-359-6369 for more details.

Note: No checks will be processed until we have your completed and signed W-9 on file.


a. After 10 ePIPE contracts are received through your company, you can use the ePIPE Preferred Service Provider logo on your vehicles. Contact Virginia Steverson at (888) 775-0220 x206 for more information and usage guidelines for the logo.

b. If you would like marketing materials, brochures, pipe samples or other information to provide to your customers, please contact our office.


a. Customers already in our database that have been credited to some other referral source (advertising, internet, their own initiative, etc.) are not eligible for the program.

b. If more than one plumber submits information for the same customer, the customer will be consulted to determine the preferred provider.

c. All inquiries concerning program rules, procedures and questions of eligibility will be handled by our Director of Marketing.

d. Call (888) 775-0220 x217 to get the status of any lead you have submitted.

ACE DuraFlo ePIPE Preferred Service Provider Program participants must agree to the guidelines set forth by ADF. Any participant found in violation shall be immediately removed from the ACE DuraFlo ePIPE Preferred Service Provider Program and denied further participation. Participants must be a plumber or licensed contractor to qualify for membership in the program. Employees of ADF and their family members are not eligible for this program. ACE DuraFlo reserves the right to revise or cancel the Preferred Service Provider Program, in whole or in part, at any time. All decisions regarding eligibility and participation are final.