Works on:

  • Copper
  • Galvanized
  • PEX
  • Lead

Extend the life of plumbing up to 60 years

ePIPE epoxy lining extends the life of new or old leaky plumbing. Installation is ultra fast, in most cases water is back on the same day. ePIPE® is approved by the best health, safety, and compliance organizations making it the superior epoxy lining choice.

Get my pipes protected

epoxy lining

What is ePIPE epoxy lining?

ePIPE epoxy lining adds a strong, long lasting corrosion resistant layer of protection between plumbing and the water traveling through it. This superior layer of protection resolves leaks and harmful lead levels in plumbing.

Get my pipes protected

epoxy lining copper pipes

Resolve and avoid leaks like the pros!

ePIPE's superior epoxy lining is trusted by governments, communities, water utilities, and home owners. ePIPE is a corrective and preventative solution which is why the pros choose ePIPE's advanced epoxy lining to keep leaks away!

Epoxy lining installation

ePIPE's installation is blazing fast, it's not just faster than a repipe — it’s also doesn't require opening walls*. Before epoxy lining is installed pipes are sand blasted clean to remove built up gunk and corrosion. Once the pipes are thouroughly cleaned for preperation ePIPE's strong anti-corrision epoxy lining is installed inside of plumbing protecting your plumbing and the water moving through it. Have water back on the same day!*

Get my pipes protected

copper pipe epoxy lining