Solving America's Public and Private Lead Problems

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Solving America's Public and Private Lead Problems

Lead is a cumulative poison that affects the nervous system. Children are particularly vulnerable as it affects both their physical and intellectual development.



Lead service pipes are the main contributor of dissolved lead in drinking water.

ePIPE is the LeadSmart™ Solution
The intelligent choice


Is ePIPE Approved?

Yes. ePIPE pipe lining technology meets the strictest quality control guidelines and is approved by the most recognized organizations governing water and plumbing safety.  ePIPE is proud to have the following approvals: NSF-61 with an immediate 90 minute return to service, meets ALL National Plumbing Codes, and exceeds the American Water Works Association requirements.

Has ePIPE been used in the USA?

Yes.  It has been used across the United States from California to Washington D.C. including Army Bases, Naval ships, hotels, skyscrapers, and residential homes.


How long does the ePIPE lining process take?

ePIPE is approved by NSF for a 90 minute immediate return to service.

How much does it cost?

All quotes are priced around customers specific needs to keep cost low.  Cost depends on many variables, for example:

  • how many water lines are being protected
  • geographic location
  • job timing  

These are just a few examples. Call us to discuss your specific needs and get a free custom quote.

How do we get in touch?

You can get all your questions answered or a free quote 24/7 by calling us toll free at 1-800-359-6369 or filling out the instant contact form.