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USNS Watson


BL Harbert International performs construction projects all over the world for the United States government. They recently finished 6 new administration buildings and 6 new readiness buildings. That’s when the Army Corps of Engineers told them that they had to line the new copper pipes.

Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS) is the main railway station in Los Angeles and the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States. It opened in May 1939 as the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal. Union Station became known as the "Last of the Great Railway Stations" built in the United States. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. California High-Speed Rail - Union Station is planned to be a major hub for the future California High-Speed Rail System.

University of Oregon Dormitory

The Problem:

Hamilton Hall is a ten building dormitory located on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, Oregon. As a result of more than 30 years of constant use by housing students and guests throughout the years, the aggressive water supply from the city had taken its toll on the original galvanized piping in the buildings. While the cold piping was still in serviceable condition, the hot piping and recirculation lines were suffering from the effects of impaired flow and discoloration due to internal corrosion.

Zela Davis School

The Problem: 

The Zela Davis School is a multi building facility built in the 1940s. The domestic water system was primarily galvanized with some copper updates. The piping system was failing with copper pipe pinhole leaks, rusty water and the problem of reduced flow. Excessive costs associated with a repipe included temporary closure of the school, student relocation, asbestos removal and wall repair. All of this would place considerable strain on the school budget. The short-term copper repiping repair undertaken by the school was to “band-aid” the pipes.

Blatchley Middle School

The Problem: 

You are the Director of Public Works and your Maintenance Director for the school district has been telling you that the District’s main middle school facility has a failing piping system. The school is a 2 level full facility building servicing around 400 students and was constructed in 1968 with an addition in 1988.