ePIPE Protects Drinking Water in Hong Kong from Toxic Lead (Pb) in Pipes

In the Summer of 2015, Hong Kong residents discovered some alarming information regarding lead in their drinking water. An estimated 30,000 public housing units and an undisclosed number of schools and private housing units were shown to have lead levels of well over the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cut off level of 10ug/l (10 parts per billion). Investigation determined the source of the lead leaching was primarily attributed to the improper use of lead solder used on the copper water pipes.

Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City is the most important building of its kind in Mexico, and one of the main museums in Latin America. It was opened in 1964 to exhibit the ethnic archeological legacy and diversity of the pre-Columbian cultures.
This building has 23 halls for permanent exhibitions, 1 hall for temporal exhibitions and 2 auditoriums. It is also home of the National Anthropology Library. It is one of Mexico’s top tourist attractions with over 2 million visitors each year.

UK Service Pipe

The Problem: Water service pipe running under the 2 carriageway road is leaking, estimated water loss 12,500 liters per day (4.5 million liters/yr. or some 1 million Imp. gallons/yr. per single communication pipe. Water loss through system wide leakage in the UK is estimated to be about 25-30% of the overall water being supplied. Making an effort to tackle leakage issue is foremost on the minds of water company officials and OFWAT. (Regulators)

DC Metro

The Problem: Testing of the fire suppression systems at four of the DC Metro Stations showed the system had active leaks, not holding pressure at the required 200 psi.

Santa Cruz Post Office

The Santa Cruz Main Post Office built in 1906 and noted for its architectural significance was placed on the National Historic Register in 1985. The National Register of Historic Places is the Nation's official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation.


The City of Houston Police Department was experiencing corrosion of a gas line under the access road to its maintenence garage. This gas line is perceived as a crucial element to the City of Houston because it is the fuel line for the backup generators that operate the emergency electrical center for the Houston Police Department’s fueling depot. Extreme fiscal limitations in the City of Houston’s annual Police Department’s budget and the heightened state of alert in national and local security demanded a quick, inexpensive and reliable solution.

U.S. Government Printing Office

Many of our nation’s most important information products, such as the Congressional Record and Federal Register, are produced at the GPO’s main plant in Washington, D.C. Located just five blocks from the Capitol, this one hundred year old 1.5 million square-foot brick complex is the largest information processing, printing, and distribution facility in the world.

King County Courthouse

The Problem: To protect and extend the life of the 4” main water line in the Seattle Courthouse and main Administration building. The present piping system was encrusted and wrapped in asbestos. Repair or replacement had to be completed during 1 weekend as shut down of the facility was not feasible.

Lead Solder - Poison Pipes

The Problem: The poison is lead. Lead leaching from pipes, lead solder and plumbing fixtures into the water you drink, cook, bathe in and even brush your teeth with. Drinking water for over 40 million Americans contains lead in amounts exceeding EPA guidelines.