Lead Prevention

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  • London, UK LSL - No Road Closure required
  • Rhode Island LSL - No excavation on private side required, completed under 4 hours
  • Use of by-pass fittings, minimizing excavation
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Lead Prevention

Bring Lead Service Lines into EPA WHO Compliance 

U.S. EPA and Water Research Foundation sponsored WRF Report 4351 - Evaluation of Lead Service Line Lining and Coating Technologies concluded: "Coating technologies can effectively reduce or eliminate release of lead from LSLs, are expected to have a long service life and can potentially result in significant cost savings... Recommended for consideration by both public water systems and property owners."

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ePIPE is approved by the best health, safety, and compliance organizations

Fast and Economical  
  • 90 minute cure - fastest return to service in the world
  • Service lines completed in less than 4 hours
  • Reduces excavation cost and customer disruption
  • NSF 61 approved
  • Only epoxy based product with both WRAS and Reg 31 approval
  • Only product with approval for both metallic and non-metallic potable water piping
Only product capable of lining both private and public side piping
  • Private- from building supply shut-off to curb stop
  • Public- from curb stop to main 

In the UK, ePIPE has completed thousands of LSL's for utilities across England and Ireland

Patented, proven process

U.S. patent #'s 8524320, 9273815, 9724730 and 9611973, EU patent #EP 2974800 - the coating can reduce heavy metals; such as lead, from leaching from installed pipes to less than 10ug/l (10 ppb).

Onsite lead testing  

ePIPE's one-of-a-kind LeadSmart program includes onsite water testing services for lead, a remediation action plan and certification of compliance for lead in drinking water. Click here to learn more.



LeadSmart® is America’s Fastest Growing Lead (Pb) Detection and Remediation Service.

Certified LeadSmart providers provide on-site water testing for lead in drinking water by using EPA-approved equipment, education on how to identify sources of lead in piping systems, professional remediation recommendations and a certificate of compliance. These services are also backed by an industry-first, $1 million Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance program.

NO AMOUNT of lead exposure is safe.

Lead Exposure can lower IQ, lead to behavioral problems, cause heart disease and even lead to death.

Lead (Pb) Pipes are not the only potential source of elevated lead levels in your drinking water.

Many people think that because they do not have lead pipes in their plumbing system that they do not have to worry about the risks of lead poisoning from contaminated drinking water, but that is not the case. Homes built before 1988, and plumbing fixtures installed prior to 2014 may contain lead which can leach into your property’s drinking water.

Lead Contributors, such as lead solder and some brass fixtures, can elevate lead levels in drinking water to exceed the current EPA guideline of 15ppb. Read more.

Sellers and Realtors agree - Test your property for lead as part of the selling process

Under existing law, a seller or lessor of a dwelling could potentially have an obligation to disclose lead or copper in the dwelling’s water supply, and could potentially be liable for rescission and/or damages for failure to disclose. Read more. LeadSmart Helps Protect Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Professionals. Read more.

Green Homes Sell Faster and Often for More Money

The LeadSmart Program protects homeowners from the risks of lead poisoning. Choose LeadSmart – the Right Choice for a Healthy Home. Read more.

How you can contribute

Have your water tested by a LeadSmart Certified Technician

The LeadSmart program includes onsite water testing services for lead, a remediation action plan and the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance. LeadSmart water testing services are backed by an industry first - a $1 Million Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance program. Click here to contact our LeadSmart division to get your water tested for lead. 

Make LeadSmart Part of Your Business

Certified LeadSmart providers (link to LeadSmart license eNews) receive training and equipment required to diagnose, detect, test and provide recommendations to reduce lead and copper leaching in drinking water systems. Providers also are covered under the LeadSmart insurance and are equipped with ongoing support. Read more. To learn more about becoming a certified LeadSmart tester, Contact a LeadSmart representative.

Got Lead? Get ePIPE Lead-Free, Leak-Free™ Pipe Protection

ePIPE is MORE than just Leak Protection. The patented ePIPE process is a proven solution for reduction of lead in drinking water due to lead pipes and/or lead contributorsePIPE effectively reduces lead levels to well below the EPA guidelines and also protects against leaks and other forms of corrosion in piping systems. ePIPE has been chosen in schools, HOA’s, single family homes and multiple other types of properties as a solution for lead and leaks. Contact ePIPE today for Lead-Free, Leak-Free™ Pipe Protection.