Lead Service Lines/ Utilities

  • epipe-testing
  • London, UK LSL - No Road Closure required
  • Rhode Island LSL - No excavation on private side required, completed under 4 hours
  • Use of by-pass fittings, minimizing excavation

Lead Service Lines/ Utilities

Bring Lead Service Lines into EPA WHO Compliance 

U.S. EPA and Water Research Foundation sponsored WRF Report 4351 - Evaluation of Lead Service Line Lining and Coating Technologies concluded: "Coating technologies can effectively reduce or eliminate release of lead from LSLs, are expected to have a long service life and can potentially result in significant cost savings... Recommended for consideration by both public water systems and property owners."

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ePIPE is approved by the best health, safety, and compliance organizations

Fast and Economical  
  • 90 minute cure - fastest return to service in the world
  • Service lines completed in less than 4 hours
  • Reduces excavation cost and customer disruption
  • NSF 61 approved
  • Only epoxy based product with both WRAS and Reg 31 approval
  • Only product with approval for both metallic and non-metallic potable water piping
Only product capable of lining both private and public side piping
  • Private- from building supply shut-off to curb stop
  • Public- from curb stop to main 

In the UK, ePIPE has completed thousands of LSL's for utilities across England and Ireland

Patented, proven process

U.S. patent #'s 8524320, 9273815, 9724730 and 9611973, EU patent #EP 2974800 - the coating can reduce heavy metals; such as lead, from leaching from installed pipes to less than 10ug/l (10 ppb).

Onsite lead testing  

ePIPE's one-of-a-kind LeadSmart program includes onsite water testing services for lead, a remediation action plan and certification of compliance for lead in drinking water. Click here to learn more.