Multi Unit Pipe Restoration - Condos, Apartments and Homes


The proven ePIPE epoxy pipe lining process has been used in Homeowner's Associations and other Multi-Unit properties nationwide for over 15 years.

ePIPE protects metallic and non-metallic systems from pinhole/slab leaks and the resulting damage. ePIPE also restores encrusted and failing galvanized piping systems. ePIPE installation is minimally invasive, economical and non-disruptive.

The patented ePIPE system is based on “in-place” pipe restoration technology, nearly or completely eliminating the need to cut open walls and ceilings. A permanent, safe solution for potable water systems, ePIPE uses only coating materials that are UPC listed for safe use and consumption.

If you would like a free estimate, a presentation for your board or community, or to learn more about how the ePIPE process, please contact our office at (800) 359-6369.

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